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An essential guide for parents

As a mom myself I spent days and hours doing lots of research on what I should add or not to my registry. I wanted to avoid buying all those unnecessary items that you only use once or twice and guess what? I did it! To say the truth I only regret 1 item from the entire thing.
Of course some items will vary from each family dynamic but I hope this guide/items will help you as much as it helped my family.


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Newborn Stage...

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01. Avoid buy mittens

Instead buy pjs with mittens attached to it to avoid the mittens to fall from baby's hands

Also pjs with buttons, zipper pjs is the way to go.

02. Newborn gowns

This a MUST have! Even easier then pj's for those changes in the middle of the night

03. Electric nail trimmer

I took a nail clipper with me to hospital and once my baby was born (with very long nails) I realize that they don't work well with newborn nails because they are so thin. So I sent my husband home to get this electric trimmer and that's all I used up to 10-11 months.

04.Tummy time mirror

This was gifted to us when my son was 2 months old and it was one of his favorite toys from that moment. We started tummy time as soon as his belly button fell off and the mirror helped him to get more entertained. We used this for about 6-7 months.

05. Stroller/ Crib Rocker

If you are like me and don't want to spend over $800 on a SNOO this is a good option.

I attached this to the crib and would turn it on every time I put my baby down.

There's two cons to this item though

  1. The vibration only last about 30 minutes
  2. The batteries doesn't last very long so you need to replace it frequently.

Also I should add our crib has wheels so I'm not sure if it would work on regular cribs.

06. Nasal Aspirator

This is another MUST have and do I even need to explain, why?! lol

07. The wonder weeks app

When my sister-in-law- told me about this app I didn't have much faith on it but I was extremely surprised as my baby kept growing I would get notification about his milestone leaps and it was ALWAYS spot on!

The app also recommends exercises and games you can do with you child to help through these times.

08. Teething toy

This was another toy gifted to us at 2 months old and also made it to the top of the list. I didn't realize how soon baby's start to use teething toys and this was great because my son could actually hold it himself.

Nursery and Bath Time...

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01. Nanit - Baby monitor

Buying a monitor can be overwhelming because there's so many options out there but after tons of research a friend recommended the Nanit to us and oh boy this was the best purchase ever!!!

I could sleep so much better knowing that my son's breathing was being monitored. Differently from other companies, Nanit has very few cases of false alarm. We only had one ourselves and it was because we set the camera too high from my son's mattress. once we readjusted the camera, no more false alarms.

02. Tummy time mat

I didn't think my baby needed a mat until 6 months old or so but I was wrong! Once he was a month old I went to the store and bought a cheap $20 mat that was just okay but right around Christmas we got this as a gift and my son loved this mat (he was 2 months old). It turned tummy time so much more fun to him and his favorite part of it was the piano. He is over 12 months old now and still plays the piano often.

03. Baby Rocker

This was great purchase, specially when I needed to have a quick bathroom break lol

My baby was pretty big, always on the 90% percentile and he was still able to use this up to 6-7 months old.

04. Nestig Crib 3 in 1

Sometimes we think an item can be expensive but if we think about it long term it actually isn't!

This crib has been working great for our family. I loved the mini crib version and the wheels because as a newborn we could take him all around the house on it and the crib fitted through the doors.

And now I am loving how low the mattress is on the full crib.

Most cribs have their lower mattress setting still higher and that is why most babies can climb out by 9-10 months old.

My son is 32 inches tall and still hasn't been able to climb out of the crib because the mattress is set very low, closer to the ground

05. Noise Machine

Hatch is the best brand on the market. Here's some reason why I recommend the Hatch

1. Light feature - It's scientifically proved that red and blue light can help you fall asleep.

2.You can download their app and control the sound and lights

3.The maximum volume is really loud which really helps to block external sounds.

06. Baby bathtub stand

It would hurt my back just to think about bathing my son leaning over a bathtub and on my knees lol. This was such a smart purchase!

Specially because I ended up having a c-section.

Now, if you do have tons of counter space on your bathroom maybe you won't need this but one of the main reasons why I also loved this stand is because I didn't have to move it anywhere.

I simply placed it in between my bathtub, used the hand shower/hose from my standard tub to wash my son and once I was done bathing him, I would simply open the bottom plug and the water would fall directly into my bathtub.

See? Easy!

07. Otteroo floatie

Now this is not a necessity but just something I used with my son and he absolutely LOVED!

He always liked bath/shower and water in general, whatever he was too colic or fussy I would put him in the tub with it and he would have a blast as I mentioned before he was always a big baby but we still used this item up to 6 months old.

08. Baby, shampoo & cologne

Natura is a Brazilian brand.

Whatever I went out with my son he would get so many compliments because he smelled so good lol and several people asked me what products he was using. Although this is not an essencial item I thought it was worth sharing.


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01. Long sleeve bib

The perfect item for spaghetti night. While I don't find it so easy to clean I use like to use this if we are having messy food such as spaghetti, yogurt, etc...

02. Abiie Highchair

This was another item that I spent days and hours researching and I came to the conclusion that there is not such thing as the perfect high chair lol

But out of many options I found this to have more positive than negative side.


  1. Super easy to clean! After having 3 meals a day you don't want a high chair with cloth/fabric because at some point you won't have time to keep throwing that thing in a washing machine.
  2. Adjustable foot rest because the proper/solid footrest helps to support a safe swallow.
  3. Grows with the cild and turns into a chair later on.


  1. The price! I know! The price can be a bit higher but if think about how you can keep using this as your kid gets older it's actually not that expensive.
  2. I wish the tray removal was more practical but unfortunately most highchairs doesn't have an easier removable tray.

03. Tiny spoons

You can start introducing these to your baby as early as 4 months old, they will learn how to hold on to the spoon and have more independence during feeding time, specially if you are doing the BLW method.

04. BLW Meals App

If you are doing the BLW method this app helped me a bunch through this journey. It will help you to learn how to safely prepare and offer a variety of foods to your baby.

The app claims that recipes/meals were developed by healthcare professionals.


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01. Amazon list

If you want to check out additional items, click in the image to open my amazon list

02. Sleeping coaches

Kate and Sarah are two local mom's helping busy parents get their little ones to sleep and they are not only sleeping coaches but healthcare professional as well.

If you need assistance to sleep training, please message me and mention that you got a recommendation from Bsweet Photograhy.