01. Basic Prepping

Make sure your baby is nice and rested. A well baby is a happy baby

Introduce you baby to the touch/ feel of cake/sugar a few times before the session (whip cream, ice cream or greek yougurt are recommended)


If you would like to help make your child laugh, please stand directly behind me and not off on the side

Avoid colorful drinks, lollipops or anything that will stain their teeth, mouths or cheeks within 24 hours

02. What to expect:

The session will last about 1 hour.

The first 15 minutes is compromised of family portraits and it will take place in my boho area. 

 The next 30 minutes we will do the milestone pictures in which we capture your little one in at least two different backdrop and in 2 different outfits. 

The last 15 minutes we will begin by taking pictures of your little one in their cake smash outfit before introducing the cake, once we bring in the cake the session takes about approximately 15 minutes.

03. What to bring

-Cake or food item that will be smashed

-Snack (cheerios or puffs) in case they don't like the cake. We can hide it in the cake, they normally get curious and start to dig it which looks like your little one is actually interested to eat the cake.

-One of their favorite toy

-Cake smash and portrait outfit (if not chosen from my closet)

-Change of clothes for parents (just in case)

-Towel to use after the bath


04. Smash Outfit

If you are bringing your own outfits for the smash and the outfit includes a tie, glasses, hat, crown or any other accessories your baby is not used to.

I recommend parents to try accessories on baby for at least a week before the session. 

Let your baby wear it everyday for about 10 minutes. Eventually it will become normal to them and we will have a successful smash.


05. The Mess

We hope that your little one makes a huge mess, that's the all point of this session and most fun of the day.

As some little ones dig right in and destroy the cake, others need a lit bit of time and encouragement.

PLEASE never grab their face and put them into the cake. Instead put your hands in first, play with the food yourself. Give them as much time as needed, be patient, show them what to do, how to play but never force, it might scare them at first.


If you chose the milk bath option, please remember that parents must provide the milk, flowers or fruit.

A half gallon milk is recommended.


06. Studio Guideline

Only bring those who are going to be photographed and no more than two adults.

Remove or cover your shoes at the door

Blue line

You will notice a blue line on the floor once you arrive at the studio, all subjects that is not being photographed must stand behind the line unless assistance is required.