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Session Prep Guide

[ Family, Couple & Maternity ]

This prep guide is designed with 7 important tips to help you prepare

for a successful session. My goal is to provide my clients with a pleasing and fun experience, high quality images, diverse product line and exceptional customer service.

Thank you for letting me document this sweet moment in your life.

1. Outfits (What should I avoid?)

What should I avoid?

Sunglasses or  glasses with Photochromic Lenses

Maxi Watches and Necklace 

Braceletes that don't go with the look 

Neon colors at all costs


Flip Flops 

Sport Shoes 

Short with pockets on sides 

High heels

Anything with logos, graphics, labels, etc... 

All black or white outfit. Please, try to avoid white special if you are having a snow session.

When you have a family session avoid dressing everyone with lots of different clothing print, instead choose at least two different prints and dress the other members with basic clothing to give a harmonic look. 

Coordinate but don't match even if you have twins I encourage you to dress them uniquely and embrace their personality  and individuality!

Maternity session bonus tip:

If you are having a  maternity session done avoid wearing denim pants. Unless it's a styled or Studio type of photoshoot.

2. Outfits (It's a yes)

What's should I wear?

Lace Outfits 

Textures, texture, textures: You can add it by adding a kimono or cardigan, shawl to the look.

I know it's winter but if it's your style, consider going with a fancy look with maxi elegant dresses and Skirts it can add a beautiful movement to your pictures .

Don't be afraid to accessorize with:


Fedora/ Floppy Hats 

Beanie  with or without pompom

Crown Flowers with winter colors 




Bow Tie 


High knee socks


Hair bows

3. Recommended shops

Most of these stores has a great dress length for taller ladies.

4. Appearance

Every detail counts

Wear your makeup 30% darker than what you would normally wear. It will help add depth and contouring.​

Recommended makeup artist and Hair stylist:

Glam by Ibon T

At Amy's Chair

Dakota Kay


Tan Lines

I recommend you to tan at least 7 days before your session. Sunburns and spray tans in the week leading up to your session be cognizant of your sun exposure also keep in mind that sometimes (specially if you are self tanning), a wrong product can end up making you orange or give you discoloration and streaks.

Fixing sun burns and harsh tan lines take extensive editing and require an extra retouching fee.



Please be sure that your nails are manicured, nothing fancy though just because your hands will make their way into the photos.

5. Props

Adding a touch

•If you are a fan of the boho style I have a peacock chair (my most popular prop for maternity and senior sessions) and it can be requested by you to be used at the day of your session with no additional charges. If you have any interest just let me know and we will arrange that.

• Now would if you like to add some glam to your session or even fresh  flowers? If it's either a vintage mirror, a couch, a bouquet or if you have a set up in mind that you would like to execute but don't have all the props I highly recommend:   Diedra's with Every Last Detail

She has awesome pieces. Her rentals starts at $25.

If you would like to add confetti to your session please consider the biodegradable ones.

Biodegradable Confetti


If you are wanting: Smoke Bombs

Purchase at least a couple ''Dual Events'' or ''Single Event'' as they last longer.

6. Little Ones

Pro Tips

-If you would like to help make your child laugh, please stand directly behind me and not off to the side.

-Avoid colorful drinks or lollipops anything that will stain their cheeks, mouths or teeth within 24 hours of your shoot.

-I encourage you to NOT  ‘’force’’ your kids to smile, pose or sit still for the session, we will have have lots of games and jokes if any of it does not work just let the kids be kids and we will capture their rawness. Forcing them to do something they don’t want to will only make them upset and the session might end because your little one will end up crying the rest of the session.

-Make sure your kids are well rested and fed at least 2 hours before the session, a well kid is a happy kid. 

-Please avoid letting your kid take a nap while driving to the session. Most kids need 15-30 minutes to recover from their nap and sometimes they can also be a bit fussy about it.

7. Time and last minute issues

Big F for not following these

This is probably the MOST important steps to follow. Arrive at least 5 minutes early to give yourself plenty of time for last minutes issues that may arise specially if you don't know the location or area where your session is taking place.

A 10 minutes delay will be tolerated but after that the client that is late arriving to the session will have the amount of time late deducted from the time allotted for the session. 


If you have small children accidents sometimes might occur such as spilled milk or dirty diapers thats go over the clothes, so make sure you bring an extra outfit change in your car in case something like this happen. 

8. What's Next?!

After the fun...

You will receive a sneak peek in at least 72 hours stay tuned on my Facebook page or Instagram to see your sneak peek​

Gallery is delivered within 2 weeks, you will receive a link for viewing and download through email.

You are not limited to just digital images, be sure to check out our Wood Print Collections and you can do so by clicking here  ->  PRINT & PRODUCT COLLECTION

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