Session Prep Guide

This prep guide is designed with some important tips to help you prepare

for a successful session. My goal is to provide my clients with a pleasing and fun experience, high quality images, diverse product line and exceptional customer service.

Thank you for letting me document this sweet moment for your family.

1. Outfits (What should I avoid?)

What should I avoid?

Sunglasses or  glasses with Photochromic Lenses

Maxi Watches and Necklace 

Braceletes that don't go with the look 

Neon colors at all costs


Flip Flops 

Sport Shoes 

Short with pockets on sides 

High heels

Anything with logos, graphics, labels, etc... 

All black or white outfit

When you have a family session avoid dressing everyone with lots of different clothing print, instead choose at least two different prints and dress the other members with basic clothing to give a harmonic look. 

Coordinate but don't match even if you have twins I encourage you to dress them uniquely and embrace their personality  and individuality!

Maternity session bonus tip:

If you are having a  maternity session done avoid wearing denim pants. Unless it's a styled or Studio type of photoshoot.

2. Outfits (It's a yes)

What's should I wear?

Lace Outfits 

Textures, texture, textures: You can add it by adding a kimono or cardigan to the look.

Flowy maxi dresses and Skirts can add a beautiful movement to your pictures, specially if you are expecting and the kids also like to play with it.

Don't be afraid to accessorize with:

Fedora/ Floppy Hats 


Crown Flowers 

Hair Bows 

Bow Tie 


High knee socks

3. Recommended shops

Most of these stores has a great dress length for taller ladies.

4. Appearance

Every detail counts

Wear your makeup 30% darker than what you would normally wear. It will help add depth and contouring.​

Recommended makeup artist and Hair stylist:

Glam by Ibon T

At Amy's Chair

Dakota Kay


Tan Lines

I recommend you to tan at least 7 days before your session. Sunburns and spray tans in the week leading up to your session be cognizant of your sun exposure also keep in mind that sometimes (specially if you are self tanning), a wrong product can end up making you orange or give you discoloration and streaks.

Fixing sun burns and harsh tan lines take extensive editing and require an extra retouching fee.



Please be sure that your nails are manicured, nothing fancy though just because your hands will make their way into the photos.