01. Basic Prepping

The Client shall feed the baby a full feeding right before the session and shall keep the baby awake for a minimum of two or more hours before the session. If you live less than 25 minutes away I recommend you to feed the baby before coming into the studio but if you live more than 30 minutes away I recommend feeding the baby upon arrival. 


Clean away flaky skin and eye and noose boogers with a wash cloth. Trim those tiny fingernails and toenails with baby trimmers.


Please don’t panic or feel embarrassed if your baby decides to use our blankets (or us) as his/her own personal potty (because most of them do it) this is natural and we expect it. 

If your baby suffers from colic please don't forget to bring your gas/colic relief recommended by your baby's doctor.

Giving your baby a warm bath before arriving to the the studio might help relief some discomfort and your baby will be more relaxed as well

A massage on your baby's tummy and back can also help

02. the Studio

Please remove your shoes at the door

The studio will be really warm (80+ degrees) so please dress in layers. 

I have some beverages and snacks available while you are relaxing as well.

A restroom is available for use as well 

Session last 2-4 hours

03. What to bring


Please bring a compact and basic nuk/pacifier with NO attachments to it.

Even if you haven't used one yet or baby doesn't seem to take to it, just for the 1-4 hours that I’m posing baby it can really help. However if you really prefer that we don’t use one, that is fine as well.


-A change of clothes for parents just in case

-Gas/Colic Relief (recommended by your doctor)

04. Mom & Dad

Mom: I normally recommend a maxi dress in neutral colors I would avoid black, red and bright colors. Natural makeup and please be sure that your nails are manicured, nothing fancy though just because your hands will make their way into the photos.


Dad: Same goes for dad, neutral colors and clean and trimmed fingernails. 


Family photos will take place about the first or last 20 minutes of your session.


05. Siblings

Avoid colorful drinks or lollipops anything that will stain their cheeks, mouths, teeth or hands within 24 hours of your shoot.

If you would like to help make your child laugh, please stand directly behind me and not off to the side.

Little sister: I recommend a dress or jumpsuit/overalls in neutral colors with shorts underneath the dress. And no nail polish please.


Little brother: A snug pair of jeans and a neutral color shirt or shirtless works too


The client shall maintain control of siblings. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the cooperation of additional subjects as not to intrude on the baby’s immediate area.


Due to the duration of the newborn sessions, I recommend young children into the studio either in the beginning or end of the session (about 20 minutes). Please arrange for childcare for them when they are not being photographed. Young children do not have long attention spans (2-4 hours is way too long for them). They may not do well in unfamiliar places and will disrupt the environment in the studio necessary for newborn photography.

06. Late Arrival

This is probably the MOST important rule to follow. Prepare yourself to arrive at least 5 minutes early to give yourself plenty of time for last minutes issues that may arise.

Remember: A 10 minutes delay will be tolerated but after that the client that is late arriving to the session will have the amount of time late deducted from the time allotted for the session.