What should I avoid?


Maxi Watches and Necklaces

Neon colors at all costs


Flip Flops 

Sport Shoes 

Short with pockets on sides 

High heels (most places don't have a solid ground)

Anything with logos, graphics, labels, etc... 

All black or all white outfit

When you have a family session avoid dressing everyone with lots of different clothing print, instead choose one or two different prints and dress the other members with basic clothing to give a harmonic look. 

 Coordinate but don't match even if you have twins I encourage you to dress them uniquely and embrace their personality  and individuality.

Where to shop?

MAMA Bump Rental 

Rainey's Closet

Dress + Muse

Old Navy


Free People


Forever 21

Altar'd State 



Most of these stores has excellent dresses length specially for taller ladies. 






Address: 3618 N Woodbine Rd, Saint joseph, MO 64505 

(It's a grey house)

Please go ahead and park right by the garage to give space for the upcoming client to park by your side and not behind you blocking you to leave.

This is probably the MOST important rule to follow. Arrive at least 10 minutes early to give yourself plenty of time for last minutes issues that may arise.

Specially if you have more than 1 kid and they're on car seat, every minute counts.

Mini Sessions are only 20 minutes long so delay is not tolerable if the client  has a late arrival, they will have the amount of time late deducted from the time allotted to the session or if you miss your session, this session won't be reschedule and you will miss your spot and deposit.


What should I wear?

Lace Outfits 


Flowy dresses and Skirts can add a beautiful movement to your pictures and if you're having a session with kids they also love to play with it


Don't be afraid to accessorize with:

Fedora/ Floppy Hats 


Crown Flowers 

Hair Bows 

Bow Tie 







Wear your makeup 20% darker than what you would normally wear. It will help add depth and contouring.

Make sure your nails are manicured nothing fancy though just because your hands will make their way into the detail photos. 

Recommended makeup artist and Hair stylist:

Glam by Ibon T

At Amy's Chair

Dakota Kay







Please note that we will be working with a vintage piece that can be fragile due to age and we should take care of it because it's a rental!

I'm asking your cooperation during our session to instruct your kids to not  jump, place their shoe/feet on the couch or bring anything over to the session (like candy, m&ms, chocolate, lollipop  etc)  that may cause any stains or damage to the piece.

Thank you so much!




Extra Tips:

Bsweet Photography also has a client closet with outfits at your disposal

Check out my folder HERE with images of my available wardrobe.

Check out my Pinterest  board with outfits inspiration HERE


If you are still on the fence of what to wear, you can always send me pics of what you have and I will be happy to help. You are also welcome to come over the studio to either try my available outfits or to bring your own and mix with mine to help you find the perfect ''combination'' for your session.






If you would like to help make your child laugh, please stand directly behind me and not off to the side.

Avoid colorful drinks or lollipops anything that will stain their cheeks, mouths or teeth within 24 hours of your shoot.

I encourage you to NOT promise any special treats prior session but save those for later instead just if we really need them.

I also do NOT encourage you to yell or ‘’force’’ your kids to smile, pose or sit still for the session, we will have have lots of tickles, jokes and interactions if any of it does not work just let the kids be kids. Forcing them to do something they don’t want to will only make them even more upset.

Make sure your kids are well rested and fed at least 2 hours before the session, a well kid is a happy kid. 

P.s: Avoid letting your kid take a nap while you driving to the session. Most kids need 15-30 minutes to recover from their nap and sometimes they can also be a bit fussy about it.

What's next?

-You will receive a sneak peek within 72 hours stay tuned on my Facebook page or Instagram to see your sneak peek.

-Gallery will be delivered within 3 weeks, you will receive a link for viewing and download.