Milestone Sessions

[ Newborn - 12 Month Session]

This guide is designed with more information of what to expect for your little one's milestone year. 

Newborn Session

At this age your little bundle of joy will sleep most of the time because of time we can pretty much manage what we want and how we want to pose them although it's not that simple as the session can take up to 4 hours to get these photos. Also keep in mind that some poses may vary from each baby, specially the froggy pose, not all babies are comfortable doing it and for safety reason we don't force it, you baby is the boss of this session and we will only do what he or she is comfortable doing.

During the session we might need a few breaks to feed and diaper change. When clients normally follow the Session Prep Guide the session goes smooth and and sometimes baby won't even need any breaks which also means we can finish the session earlier.

What to expect?

Baby in different unwrapped poses with at least two different fabric colors 

Baby in props wrap or unwrapped

Baby details shots

Baby with parents and siblings (if requested by client)

3 Month Session

This session is recommended to book by the end of the baby's 3 months milestone. Why? By the end of this milestone the baby will have a bit more strength to hold it's head and even arms which can be very helpful for the session.

At this age baby doesn't do much so we mostly photograph their sweet faces and different expressions. This is not the age recommended to show all of that cute outfits you have as your baby doesn't sit on it's own on their back they move their feet a lot (which cover the cute outfits you might have prepared for the session

What to expect?

Baby semi wrapped  in one color fabric on it's back or stomach

Recommend 1 outfit for this session

Baby in specific props such as professional posing chair, specific buckets os baskets that help to support your baby's back

Baby on it's back in our wood floor

9 Months Session

By now your baby is probably standing on things. We will continue to photographing your baby in those cute outfits  

What to expect?

Baby indifferent props including props where your baby can stand up.

Baby can wear up to 3 outfits and 1 set with baby with a head accessory and wrap around it's legs

12 Month Session

Yay! Your baby is finally one and it's time for a big celebration. Most parents choose a cake smash for this session you are free to choose a theme, parents must provide the cake or any type of food baby is smashing (for safety reasons). Other parents choose to do only portraits  of the baby with no smashing involved. At this session you can bring mom, dad and siblings for a few shots.

Also prepare to chase, your baby is curious and in a different environment he or she won't stay for very long in the same spot and is recommend to have mom or dad only to assist me during these.

My galleries are delivered within 3 weeks so I normally recommend booking this session when your baby is reaching the last week of it's 11 month. This way you will have plentyof time to have prints in time for the birthday party.

What to expect?

Baby in different props

Baby can wear up to 3 outfits and 1 set with baby with a head accessory and wrap around it's legs

A prep guide will be sent for this session with more detailed info.

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