- Newborn Mentoring -


Newborn Mentoring Day


a non refundable retainer of $300 is due at the scheduling of the mentoring – the final $200 payment is due 48 hours prior to the mentoring date


What's Included

-Mentoring session with one real model and a professional posing doll

-How to set-up for a newborn session (room temperature, styling and more) 
-Camera settings

- Wrapping techniques 

-Posing (Baby & Parent)

-How to prepare parents

-Baby safety

-Continued support via Facebook  


Our Timeline

8:30am We will begin to set up our studio because this session is yours! While we prep, we will pick out blankets, colors, props and accessories together, we will work with a posing doll to help with our preparation before our real model come to studio. You will learn how to prepare for both sleepy and awake babies for a consistent workflow.

10:00pm  Once the studio is ready and we had some training with our newborn doll, our newborn model will arrive, during these three hours, we will go through my typical workflow, setups, posing, lighting angles, tips, tricks, etc.  As I teach you how to safely and artistically pose baby, we’ll discuss shooting angles, little details, etc.  Along the way I will be answering questions you might have. You’ll be able to photograph baby and to assist in posing to get a feel for it.  

12:30pm  Pause for lunch. 

1:30pm  Time to see the images we captured earlier, work on editing and answering other questions you still may have, we will choose two images to edit. I will share tips and tricks to help with color balancing, skin smoothing and etc. Once our session is over, keep in touch with me via Facebook or email to let me know how you’re progressing, to ask questions or seek for advice!

You will be able to use all and the images you take for your portfolio with mention of Bsweet Photography on social media.

3:30pm Time to say goodbye.

What You Need

-DSLR camera

-Prime lens (I recommend either 35mm or 50mm)

-Basic knowledge of Lightroom
-You are welcome to bring a laptop so that you can download the images right away.

Ready to book your newborn mentoring session? Send me a message here and we’ll get started, looking forward to see you!