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How long does it last?

Typically between 40-60 minutes. They are one of my quicker sessions, and I know how precious that time is those first few days so I don’t want to overtake that for your family, so I try and be quick. Providing me with a list of some shots you’d like to get definitely helps too,  you can always email/message me with any ideas you may have.




Turn up that heat!

Fresh 48 sessions are usually quick (under an hour typically) and baby is soooooo much happier in a warm environment. This allows for babe to be comfortable for any naked pictures, as seen to the right.

Hospital lights are awful so we will embrace your room's natural light, open up those window blinds and let some light come in. We’ll pop babe’s bassinet next to the window for those pics and then I’ll position you all for any family/group pics where you are getting the best natural light.

Please have only those that will be in the photos present during the session. The rooms are tiny & guests can be a distraction for everyone during the session. Unless you want them in the photos.


What happens if my baby is in the NICU?

 We can do one of two things: we can do a NICU Fresh 48 or we can switch to an in-home session newborn session when everyone is at home! NICU Fresh 48s are absolutely an option, as long as your hospital’s NICU allows for a visitor (other than mom/dad) and a photographer! 



What to wear

To be honest...? 

Anything you are comfortable in! I recommend neutral & natural, but I have had sessions where moms are in their hospital robe (amazing!), sessions when everyone has dressed up, and everything in between. These are your photos and I want you to feel like you (and comfortable).

My only advice in terms of wardrobe is things to stay away from:

Bright, flashy, or neon colors. They distract from baby and leave color casts on faces and skin.

Shirts with prints

Shirts with large lettering on them (again, distracts from baby)

Baseball caps.





Feed the baby shortly before our Fresh 48 session. This ensures baby has a full belly and will hopefully be happy and cooperative for pics! 


If you would like any feeding/nursing pictures, we absolutely can do this at the beginning of the session…so hold off feeding baby until I get there and we’ll get some feeding/nursing pics done first!


What to expect after our session

If you do authorize these images to be posted You will receive a sneak peek in at least 72 hours so stay tuned on my Facebook page or Instagram to see your sneak peek

Gallery is delivered within 3 weeks, you will receive a link for download through email.

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